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A   W O R D   A B O U T   I N D E P E N D E N C E


     It has been a hallmark of our business for over 25 years to be independent of any relationship with any handbell manufacturer. Our goal has always been to provide our clients the highest quality service available regardless of which brand of instrument they own. To underscore this independence, we have gone out of our way in all of our promotional materials, be it print ads, internet website, or direct mail, never to mention any specific brand of instrument by name. There has never been any use or even a reference to any manufacturer’s trademark or identifying symbol in any of our promotional items. We have always used the terms “American-made” or “European-made” to describe the instruments we service.
     Since virtually all other service providers are dealers, agents, or in some other way affiliated with a specific manufacturer for monetary benefit, we have made it our mission to provide honest, unbiased, advice and recommendations regarding all the brands we service, never tainted by the incentives of extra commissions on parts, quests to meet sales quotas, or worries about job security. As America’s oldest and largest handbell service provider, it has been our pleasure to service more handbells of all brands, for more clients nationwide, than any other service provider, bar none. After servicing nearly 330,000 instruments of all brands from coast to coast, there has never been a single complaint registered with any manufacturer regarding our professionalism, integrity, honesty, the quality of our work, or the suitability of our equipment, some of which we designed and built ourselves just so we could know our equipment was better than that of any other service provider.
     As part of our policy to provide the best and most honest service possible, we have routinely requested that our clients order the parts we recommend directly from their manufacturer rather than having us obtain the parts. This practice assures every client that only genuine, authentic manufacturer’s components are used on their bells, and since we are not involved in that transaction at all, every client knows we are not recommending or installing parts that may not really be necessary, just to pad our bottom line with extra commissions or to meet some manufacturer’s imposed sales quota. Despite some recent threats to the contrary, no manufacturer can legally require you to use any particular service provider in order to preserve your original written warranty. Upon request, we can provide copies of original manufacturer’s written warranties.

     Recent changes in leadership at some manufacturers and subsequent policy changes implemented by them have made us even more aware of the need for honest, independent service providers like us in our industry. In all the years we have been servicing handbells, we have never found any two clients to require the exact same repairs or replacement parts. Each job is unique and requires a service provider who can effectively evaluate the different need for parts and repairs for each individual job. When it comes to playing action adjustments and voicing, those treatments are not only unique to each client, but literally specific to each individual bell.
     The idea of a cookie-cutter approach to handbell repair that results in replacing all parts on all bells whether they need replacing or not is evidence of one or both of the following. Either they don’t know how to evaluate which parts really need replacing, or they need to sell a lot of parts. Neither is in the client’s best interest.



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