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MoBell Shop

In 2001 we completed our first trip offering on-site Basic Servicing to handbell owners in a few states outside our home state of Texas. It was just an experiment at the time, but it proved to be very enlightening, and we were warmly received everywhere we went. We decided to repeat the trip the following year, just to see if that first successful venture was a fluke. It wasn't. The second trip was even more successful than the first, so we set a goal to offer on-site service coast to coast, by the end of the decade.

Each year we gradually increased our coverage area, and by 2009 we were proudly offering on-site service in 46 of the lower 48 states. Prior to 2009, all on-site service was limited to Basic Servicing, but in 2009 we launched the first full-service, mobile bell shop in history, nicknamed “MoBell ShopTM,” making it possible for us to offer our exclusive Combined Servicing as an on-site service for the first time.

This on-site MoBell ShopTM Combined Servicing option is a true break-through development in handbell service. It is the most thorough and comprehensive handbell service available. Since all work occurs on-site and in one day, there is no down time waiting for bells to return from the repair shop and no interruption of rehearsal schedules. Clients avoid the hassle and expense of packaging their bells, and the ever-increasing cost of shipping their heavy, yet fragile musical instruments is eliminated. Further, because the bells never leave church property, there is no risk of loss or damage in transit, and no added insurance expense.

We are eager to service your handbells when we come to your area.
Please check the On-Site Service page to see when we will be in your area and contact us at your convenience to have your bells added to the schedule for our next visit to your state.
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